(Danyelle was sharing her view while she was on her vacation in Europe on April 2017)

Danyelle was in architecture field for few years. While she loves this field, she also realized that this field is an active income field. In architecture field, she will never be able to automate her work, and building a solid passive income on autopilot.

She has been witnessing her friends that were suddenly being layoff when reaching their forties despite their hard work and loyalty to the company. Some were facing with health problems and unable to continue their active income work or businesses. This kind of mid life crisis faced by many professionals in their forties, especially during the economy downturn has becoming very normal.  This makes her to understand the importance of having a back up plan by creating another new stream of income before it's too late.

As a busy mom, she decided to start an online home based business that can be expanded globally. She totally understand the power of leverage on a proven platform to increase efficiency and gain much higher financial reward. This is why she decided to partner with Passive Wealth Group - a global turnkey ecommerce platform leverage on Jeunesse Global that can be operated from home, with full training and online system provided.

As one of the coach in Passive Wealth Group, she truly believes that everyone can successfully start a franchise business globally at relatively low cost, without using the traditional method.

One of her mission is to help connect more people into these rare resources and platform so that more people can leverage on it, and will have the chance of changing their life to become better. Thus, she is now partnering with a group of internet entrepreneurs and marketing experts to help open up learning opportunity or any potential partnership opportunity to more people around the world.


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